Automatic folding and sealing machine

Features of this machine
1. The top cover and back cover of the carton are automatically folded in, and the corners are not folded quickly and flatly
2. The drive form adopts the side drive method, which is suitable for heavy loads and easy to operate.
3. The adjustment time for changing specifications is 1 minute
4. Adopt Taiwan brand motor
5. The key parts are made of tire mold and laser cutting
6. Standard machine, parts are available at any time

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technical parameter
1. Model: ZYFC-05
2. Applicable carton: (L) 200-600 (W) 150-500 (H) 120-500mm
3. Table height: minimum 580mm, maximum 675mm
4. Sealing speed: 1000-1200 boxes/hour
5. Mechanical dimensions: (L) 1672 (W) 830 (H) 1180mm
6. Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
7. Use air source: 5-6kg/cm2
8. Use tape: 48mm, 60mm, 75mm choose one to use
9. Mechanical weight: 180kgs
3. Main advantage configuration
1. The gear motor adopts Taiwan brand
2. Pneumatic components adopt Taiwan AirTAC brand
3. Casters adopt universal brake casters
4. The surface of the whole machine is sprayed with plastic